I know all too well the frustrations of living with allergies so we have done our best to make Silver Fell a place for everyone to relax, by taking some steps to making our property a healthy place for allergy sufferers, particularly those with asthma.

We do this is by imposing a strict smoking and vaping ban both inside and outside the property so you can enjoy the gorgeous clean air of the Lake District. 

We also have a strict no pets policy so you can rest assured there have never been any animals inside the property.

Our bedding is cotton with a choice of natural down filled or hollow-fill polyester duvets and pillows.  Let us know if you have a preference before you arrive.

Self-catering is ideal for those with food intolerances or allergies as you are in full control of what you eat.  The dishwasher means you can ensure all pans, utensils and crockery are thoroughly clean.

We also have a commitment to sustainability and reducing pollution wherever possible.  During our recent renovations, we built a timber-framed extension with sheep’s wool insulation used in walls, ceilings and loft, as well as organic natural paint and varnish.

We have used natural fibre furnishings with a wooden/oak floor and use environmentally friendly cleaning materials throughout the property.  With the wide opening patio doors, we have never found the need for air fresheners and rely on Mother Nature to do that for us.

We cannot offer any guarantees, but we have made every effort to make sure it is not your allergies that you remember after your visit with us, but your beautiful and relaxing holiday.